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Bliss Home Care eco house and commercial cleaning - We do it best, naturally

Bliss Home Care brings a fresh new approach to house cleaning across Melbourne. Our approach is all about being eco-friendly, local, and thoroughly professional. For you, that means house cleaning that is better value, more reliable and healthier for your family and your community.

Our services

Regular Cleaning

Regular Clean

Do you struggle to find time to clean your home or just catching up with regular duties? There is no need to spend your precious time or your day off on house cleaning.

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Spring & Casual Clean

Spring & Casual clean

Spring clean or Casual clean is excellent service to refresh your house and clean up the clutter.

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Vacate clean

Our vacate cleaning Melbourne services, often referred to as move in cleaning or move out cleaning, are tailored to your requirements.

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Carpet clean

With the aim to provide the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne, Bliss Home Care utilise the best products and equipment to give you outstanding results every time.

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What people think about us

With five children (and usually a few extras,) a full time job, and studying; keeping a large house clean is a mighty struggle. My favourite day of the week is Tuesday, because I will come home to a clean house. And not just clean, it smells fresh and looks bright, and has been looked after by someone with high standards and genuine care. I could not recommend a company or a service more highly.


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Jo is doing a great job, thank you.  She works hard and has been really thorough with the bathrooms and kids rooms, which I really appreciate.


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Hello, My husband and I have been very happy with Silvana. She does very good cleaning and she is very efficient with what she does. She is also very lovely and nice to talk to. I am currently in bed resting at home and stuck upstairs. She's been very helpful when she is around and offers to bring things up or take things down for me. That is very nice of her. We would like to have her as our cleaning lady for as long as we are with Bliss. Thanks and regards Yao

Yao and Matt

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Thank you for an awesome service.  There were times when it was a bit chaotic, we were able to come to understanding - like changing cleaners on last minute and ANZ not transferring payment.  All and all you guys been awesome.  I will keep you guys on my contact.


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I have arrived home to a beautiful clean place, lovely flowers and Lily and Zoe loved their gift from Pam.  Thank you.  You have both been very kind.


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Thanks - and just want to pass on that Fabia is doing a great job.  She's improved my life. I love coming home every second Friday!!  She does little things that I really appreciate (washing the boys drink bottles, organizing their shoes, cleaning the dish by my bed).  She's ace. Thanks, Susannah


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Cannot be happier with the service and apparently Manaia was very thorough and has done a wonderful job.


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Great service, Great people!  I speak highly of the company!  Will use them again!


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This job has been completed by Bliss and we were thrilled with the results. He was so wonderful, very professional and I really appreciate the work he did for us. Five star service! We will definitely be recommending him in future.


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Please could you pass on my thanks to Fabia for doing such a great job with our place. She is a delight, thorough, considerate, kind and really takes care with everything she does. I really, really appreciate it - she is a total gem. Thanks for sending her to me!


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At Bliss Home Care, we are not just passionate about keeping your home or offices clean, but we are also one of the leading cleaning services Melbourne has to offer who are passionate about the environmental impact cleaning products can have.

For all our cleaning services, which includes regular cleaning, spring and casual cleaning, vacate cleaning (if you are moving home or office) or just a standard carpet cleaning service, we pride ourselves on our commitment to being an environmentally conscious company.

We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products that won’t just deliver a spectacular result, but will not impact the local environment.

Our passion for these green cleaning solutions is definitely something that sets us apart from our competition because whilst we do not compromise the quality of our service, we are also considerate to the living or working conditions of our clients, and their health as a result.

By engaging us, you are making a great choice, not only because of the quality of our service, but for the environment and the health of your family and co-workers (our employees). Traditional cleaning products have chemicals that can be detrimental to your health, particularly if you, anyone in your family or a co-worker suffers from any respiratory problems, such as asthma.

These types of conditions can be triggered by the chemical used in common cleansing agents that many companies still use.

Eco friendly cleaning products, like the ones we use for all our cleaning purposes, have no impact on the health and well-being of anyone living or working in an area we clean because the products are natural.

If you are seeking a reliable, considerate, environmentally conscious company to engage for your home cleaning services, office cleaning services, or simply for a one-off clean, you have come to the right place.

Contact us today, and we’ll be delighted to talk to you.