With a world-wide pandemic affecting our lives it’s never been more important to protect yourself and your home. Bliss Home Care are now offering Cleaning for COVID-19 disinfecting service to new and existing clients.

The Cleaning for COVID-19 service is part of our regular cleaning service and there is no additional cost involved. We also offer this as a once-off cleaning or spring cleaning service. We want to ensure your home is hygienic and free from any viral activity to keep you safe and protected. Click here to enquire now.Enquire Here

Cleaning For Health

Cleaning is essential for hygiene and to make home our safe haven. Home is where we retreat after work, it’s where we spend quality time with precious family and entertain our friends. It’s the one place you want to protect and keep safe.

Every day when we leave our home, we are exposed to bacteria and germs. This means that when we return home, we bring these back with us. A virus on the front door knob can spread throughout the entire house in a matter of hours.

If not cleaned and treated correctly, these germs expose us and our family to unwanted illnesses. Cleaning for COVID-19 means that you remove and eliminate the harmful bacteria to create a healthy home environment.

Cleaning for COVID-19 Products

Regular household cleaning products and methods don’t work effectively to kill and eliminate COVID-19 virus in your home. Cleaning for COVID-19 means that cleaning is needed, followed by disinfectant to eradicate COVID-19 bacteria.

Following our cleaning service, Bliss Home Care uses BioCidal Hospital Grade Disinfectant. We are huge advocates for green cleaning and this disinfectant is bio-degradable which means it’s safe for our environment. BioCidal is a concentrated commercial grade quaternary ammonium compound (TGA approved by the Department of health for COVID-19) surface disinfectant.

BioCidal effectively cleans all surfaces including floors, walls, tiles, porcelain and laminated benches, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. It’s suitable for use in homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels/motels and general industry.

Act now to ensure you keep yourself and family safe in your home with our Cleaning for COVID-19 service, click here to enquire now.Enquire Here

Professional Cleaning & Disinfectant Service

The Bliss Home Care team receive expert training in cleaning and disinfectant procedures to eradicate the COVID-19 bacteria from your home. It’s not just a cleaning service. Our Cleaning for COVID-19 service ensures your home is treated with a commercial grade surface disinfectant.

Our team members are well informed of the preventative measures and strictly follow hygiene standards such as washing hands, wearing protective gear and using the correct equipment and methods to keep everyone safe. Our safety protocols ensure the Bliss Home Care team maintain their safety while keeping your home hygienically cleaned.

Stop the spread of harmful viral activity in your home. Protect yourself and your family, enquire about Cleaning for COVID-19 service today. Enquire Here