Green Cleaners Melbourne

Green Clean Melbourne

In establishing Bliss Home Care Services, we made a conscious decision to incorporate green clean into the way we work and to strive to be the best green cleaners Melbourne had to offer. As we investigated the options, it quickly became clear that green cleaning is a lot easier than many people think.

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Many of us choose to buy chemical cleaners without giving them a lot of thought. However, natural and green cleaning products are readily available. They can be more cost effective and do at least as good a job as the chemical alternatives. And they are much safer for both your family and the environment.

We want you to know that your home has been taken care of by professional cleaners who you can trust. But we also want you to live in a non-toxic environment. For that reason, we choose to use green cleaning products whenever possible.

Why green cleaning?

From the moment our children are born, they are exposed to hundreds of man-made chemicals. They are in everything from their food to their clothes. These chemicals have been linked to increasing rates of food allergy, asthma, skin complaints and numerous other illnesses including cancer. At the same time, man made cleaners are harmful to our planet, adding toxic chemicals to rivers and oceans.

Bliss Home Care non-toxic cleaning products | Green Clean

  • At Bliss Home Care Melbourne, we have sourced a range of Australian-made cleaning products from Earth Renewable. These products have a number of advantages including:
  • Certified as environmentally friendly by Good Environmental Choice Australia – Australia’s peak green certification body.
  • Contain no hazardous ingredients. They contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorine or bleaches, or harmful solvents. They contain no biocides, no caustic alkalis, no known carcinogens and no known toxins.
  • Independently tested for cleaning performance against the best commercially available cleaning products and meet or exceed their performance
  • Super concentrated, which reduces transport costs and associated pollution. (Most commercial products contain 90% water – even ‘concentrated’ products are as much as 50% water.)
  • Use of ‘micelle technology’. The naturally derived ingredients that make up these potent cleaning solutions are transformed into particles called micelles. Micelles attack and soften grime and dirt, releasing the bond with the surface. Dirt can then be wiped clean away with a cloth.

Nature has created everything needed to make your home clean and healthy. There is simply no need to use unnatural products which imbalance the eco-system and contribute to allergies and illnesses. Green cleaning is simply the smart choice.

For more information please refer to our blog on Green Cleaning Products.